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Rod's Wave Riders' Odds 'n Ends Page

"May his gentle step over the horizon create ridable swells of memories among the water people."
-- Denny Waller (alt.surfing)
What Supplies Do You Need for Surf Travel?
Waveriding Esoterica

Estimating Wave Height, Swell Speed and Forecasting
Always favorite discussion topics

What Are Surfers' Codes?

Fins for Your Boards (skegs)

More Fins for Your Boards Stuff

Surfboard Racks - For the Car and the Bike
Surfline.com's Fin Week (September 2014)

Day 1, Sept 22, 2014: From Keels to Quads: A tip to base guide to the remarkable history of fins. By Sam George.

Day 2, Sept 23, 2014: Birth of a fin -- from a sketch to the surf: An inside look at how surfboard fins are designed and produced. By Mark Anders.

Day 3, Sept 24, 2014: What's happening here anyway? A look into fin dynamics. By Christian Beamish.

Day 4, Sept 25, 2014: The numbers game: Staying on top of what's on bottom. By Sam George. (Yes, it says "Day 3," but is really "Day 4.")

Day 5, Sept 26, 2014: Where we're at, where we're headed. By Chris Dixon. (No Day # indicated.)

Day 6, Sept 27, 2014: Sad, silly, and stupid moments in fin history. by Sam George. (No Day # indicated.)

Sept 27, 2014: Fin Week: Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Your fin questions answered.

Sept 29, 2014: Fin Week: Ask and Ye Shall Receive, Part II: More fin questions answered.

More Odds and Ends

Places and Travel

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