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Fiberglass Board Wax Stuff

Removing Wax From Your Board
We had several posts last year regarding wax removal, but for the sake of the new members I have included a synopsis of them here.

The safest method, for your board, for you and for the environment, is to place the board in the sun for a short time (5 minutes is plenty in the summer) and remove most the wax by scraping with the flat side of a plastic wax comb. The remaining wax can be stripped using one of the orange based cleaners or wax remover from Sticky Bumps (also orange based). I follow this with a final cleaning with Clear Vue Glass Cleaner (not ammonia based) or Prep Sol from Dupont. 

I then start with base coat wax followed by the appropriate wax for the temperature I am surfing at the time.  I do this 2 times per year on my high use boards. My lower use boards are waxed with warm water wax after the basecoat is applied - I then add a top coat of the appropriate wax for the water temperature. I also use this time to look for dings that need repair and to conduct a general board condition check. Pay close attention to the rails and the fin box.

Using acetone and lighter fluid to remove decals, marks (paint, etc.) and wax are very common. These fluids are very effective but have several negative impacts as well. The next time you install a nose cone on your board and use the towelette that comes with it (acetone soaked), just rub outside the area the nose cone will cover. Inspect that area after about 10 minutes and you will likely see it is much duller (if you have a gloss finish).This is because the acetone has softened the resin and is now vulnerable to staining from virtually anything.

As usual in cases like this I have probably given out too much information.  Hopefully some will find it useful.

Source: Chris Smith, Annapolis Surf Club Listserv, February 2005

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