A Collection of Surfers' Prayers
Surfers' Prayer
By Brother Mike Sullivan

My wave that art in the ocean
hollow be thy frame
may they come
until I'm done
on earth man, this is heaven
give us this day
our daily sets
and forgive us our drop ins
as we forgive those who drop in against us
and deliver us from closeouts

brother mike

Posted to the alt.surfing newsgroup
Michael Sullivan (gc.sul@forsythe.stanford.edu)
Subject: Re: www.surfersoffaith.com 
Date: 2001-10-16 17:10:03 PST 
Surfers' Prayer
By Doug Rhodes

Oh God of Surfing Wind and Sea,
let thy bounty come to me.
Give me large, give me small,
any size - I'll take them all.
Just to rise upon the face
to see the crest, my heart will race.
I feel the sea within my veins
but know its you who holds the reins.
If I fall please drop me slow,
as wipeout come and wipeouts go,
I give my life without a fee,
this I pray my God of Sea.........

Just a thought.... Doug Rhodes
Annapolis Surf Club

Posted to the Annapolis Surf Club listserv
Date: 2001-11-21
The Lord's Board Prayer
By Paul Magruder

Our swell that art in the ocean
Hollow be thy shape.
Thy lip shall come
It will be done
In No Cal
As it is in Indo.
Give us this day our daily barrel
and forgive us our drop-ins
as we forgive not those who dropp-in on us.
And lead us not into the reef
but deliver us from the barrel.

Extracted from the letters section of
Surfer Magazine (Nov 2002), Vol. 43, No.12.


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