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The Best 10 Surfriding Books
Legendary Surfers Website Poll Results

During September/October 2022, Malcolm Gault-Williams of Legendary Surfers fame, conducted a survey asking its Facebook readers what were their most influential non-fiction surfriding books. The results are shown below. 
From our compilation and voting, October 2022; ranked from most recommended to less.

📖 Barbarian Days
📖 Encyclopedia of Surfing
📖 Da Bull: Life Over The Edge
📖 Surfing California
📖 Morning Glass
📖 All For A Few Perfect Waves
📖 Surfing Is Where You Find It
📖 Surfing: A History of The Ancient Hawaiian Sport
📖 History of Surfing
📖 Surfing Guide to Southern California

Honorable Mentions:

📖 200 Years of Surfing Literature
📖 Eddie Would Go
📖 Essential Surfing
📖 Mr. Sunset
📖 No Bad Waves: Talking Story With Mickey Munoz
📖 Surf And Sea
📖 Surfing: The Ultimate Pleasure
📖 Waves And Beaches
📖 Waves of Resistance: Surfing and History In Twentieth Century Hawaii
📖 Hawaiian Surfboard
📖 Caught Inside: A Year of Surfing The California Coast
📖 Ghost Wave

My List of Books Submitted to Legendary Surfers

My selections were based on my general readings over the past several decades, and in the past decade or two my focused readings  researching on all things paipo surfriding.

In no particular order this is a collection of surfriding books that I have found noteworthy during my surfriding life.

  • Finney, Ben R., and James D. Houston. 1966. Surfing, the sport of Hawaiian kings. Rutland, Vt: C.E. Tuttle Co.
  • Gardner, Robert. 1972. The art of body surfing. Philadelphia: Chilton.
  • Kelly, John M. 1965. Surf and sea. New York: A.S. Barnes.
  • Blake, Tom. 1983. Hawaiian surfriders, 1935. [Redondo Beach, Calif.]: Mountain & Sea Pub.
  • DeLa Vega, Timothy T., Daved Marsh, and A. R. Gurrey. 2004. 200 years of surfing literature: an annotated bibliography.
  • Finney, Ben R. 1959. Hawaiian surfing: a study of cultural change.
  • Klein, H. Arthur, and Don James. 1972. Surf-riding.
  • Lord, Lindsay. 1963. Naval architecture of planing hulls. Cambridge, Md: Cornell Maritime Press.
  • Moser, Patrick. 2008. Pacific passages: an anthology of surf writing. Honolulu: University of Hawai`i Press.
  • Clark, John R. K. 2002. Hawai`i place names: shores, beaches, and surf sites. Honolulu: University of Hawai`i Press.
  • Clark, John R. K. 2011. Hawaiian surfing: traditions from the past. Honolulu: University of Hawai`i Press.
  • Seuss, Dr, and B Tobey. 1965. I wish I had duck feet. New York: Beginner Books.
  • Finnegan, William. 2015. Barbarian days: a surfing life.
  • Orbelian, George. 1987. Essential surfing. San Francisco, Calif: Orbelian Arts.
  • Bascom, Willard. 1980. Waves and Beaches: The Dynamics of the Ocean Surface. Garden City N.Y: Anchor Press.
The books can be found on my Bibliography for Research and many on my My Annotated Bibliography.

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