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GuidoPalooza 2002 Stories and Pics
September 14-19, 2002

Team Paddling Gloves GuidoPalooza 2002

Pictured from left to right:  Rod, Kirk, Neal, Monkey, Svetlana, Dan, Ferg, KC, SteveM
SteveM Guarantees Surfable Waves at GP2K2  - Trophy Night

GuidoPaloozer Story Pics
Chris Daniels Hola Vatos y Vatoettes
Dan King Good Times
DeeDee To Palooza Or Not To Palooza
On The Outer Banks With Friends[1]
On The Outer Banks With Friends[2]
On The Outer Banks With Friends[3]
On The Outer Banks With Friends[4] - [a kuk critiques her attempts to
    get back to surfing] 
On The Outer Banks With Friends[5] - Chris Lends A Hand
Ferg I Have the Thermos
Foon Reply to GP Wrap Up
KC & Svetlana GP2K2 Day One
GP2K2 Day 2
GP2K2 Day 3
Kirk Mantay My GP Wrap-Up
Mike Phillips GuidoPalooza Report
C. Myroni Ware GP2K2?
Neal Carver Back From GP
Pat Hoge
Robb Smith
Rod Hasta Luego GP Sat-Series A - Sat-Series B
Sun-Series A - Sun-Series B - Sun-Series C
Tues-Series A - Tues-Series B
Steve M Breaking News from GP2K2
The Thermos Rediscovered [Holy Crap: The Atlantic Wakes The F*ck Up!
(and a new WSD recipient named)]

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