alt.surfing @ the Outer Banks of N.C. in September, 1999 - 2008

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1st GuidoPalooza
Sept. 1999 (Gert)

2nd GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2000 (Gordon)

3rd GuidoPalooza
Oct. 2001

4th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2002

5th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2003 (Isabel)

6th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2004

7th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2005 (Ophelia)

8th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2006 (Florence)

9th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2007 (Gabrielle)

10th GuidoPalooza
Sept. 2008

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Some general information of interest

Want to rent a board in the Buxton (Lighthouse) area?

Learn the Official Theme Song for GuidoPalooza,
"Hatteras Isle" (By SteveM)

GP and Sharks that are common to the OBX plus additional information.

Is this what happened the day after a small swell and a stormy night?

The Awards & Trophies?

GP: What It Is (by Foontonio)


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