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GuidoPalooza 2005 Stories and Pics
September 10-16, 2005

GuidoPalooza 2005
Pictured from the 6 o'clock (L-R):  Giles Cook, Jeff Cahill, Neal Carver,
Beth Rodgers, Issy Duncan, Svetlana Filer, Tom Duncan, KC Filer.

SteveM Guarantees Surfable Waves (?) at GP2K5.

GuidoPaloozer Story
Craig Kemnitz Ophelia Made Me Cancel!  Down for double food & drink in 2006!

DaGriz What A Week!
Griz Pics
No show. Claims he is still in love (too much anniversary celebration!).

Giles Cook I Want More Ophelia

Jeff Cahill Ophelia Stokes!

KC Filer

Myroni Ware

Neal Carver Finally Went Surfing Again!

PaipoJim GuidOphelia Surf Report

PJ's Pix
Rico Miale Ophelia, We Loved Ya... Until You Kicked Us Out

Rick's Pics
Rodino Ophelia Strikes!

Rod's Pics
Steve M No show, "I Have An Excuse!" Eloped with wife and kids to Ocracoke.

Tom "td" Duncan Sheee-iiii-yit!
td's Video

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