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GP2K5 Surfing Short Story -
by SteveM (VaBeach)
tdsurf wrote:
Pretty big waves being forecast for Va around Tuesday-ish.
Is this accurate? NE wind swell? I don't recall systems like this in the summer?

Sunday, Sept 4th. I think it's more of a groundswell. Maria churninng things up, Lee's remnant further north, another disturbance just south and west of Maria, and another area just off Florida. I think it's all causing periods of constructive wave interference, and with all those systems churing up the entire Atlantic, we're bound to get something. It looks like another decent tropical wave just came off Africa, so hopefully at least some of this will stick around for GP. Like I said, I think the early part of GP is going to be the best part for wavage this year.


Monday, Sept 12th. Xactly! Just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well, and was down there, but was kidnapped and guilt-tripped by the family. The south facing beaches and Ocracoke were fun. Think I was pretty much on with the forecast again... with the chop to semi-chop part. Size predicted was kinda close with the chest-high and some bigger. Probably majority was larger, but then again, prayer works! :-) 

Have a good remainder of week.  Definitely no need to evac!

Last updated on 10/30/05