The 2nd Annual GuidoPalooza 2000 (GP2K) was held September 16 - 20, 2000
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The AS GuidoPalooza 2000 Page

GuidoPalooza 2000 Central was at the The Tory House, located on Old Light House Road, across the street from the Cape Hatteras B&B.  We had hoped to return to the Tory House in 2001 but it is no longer available for rent (and not because of us!).

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Surfline > Forecast > East Coast
Surfline Surf Report: Rodanthe, NC
Surfline Surf Report: Hatteras Lighthouse
Surfline Surf Report: Frisco Pier
Duck Army Pier
Avalon Pier Cam/Rpt (KDHills)
Avon Pier Pic & Report [WindNsurf]
Kitty Hawk [surfchex down]
Buoys Wave Heights via @SurfInfo.Com
FNMOC Wave Heights via @SurfInfo.Com
NOAA WaveWatch III

Coastal Marine Forecast North & South
Offshore Marine Forecast
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Some (a couple) Pictorial Highlights From GP2K Can Be Seen Here. See more pics at the Yahoo GuidoPalooza site. Directions to the Tory House: Some Maps and Landmarks:
Click for Buxton, North Carolina Forecast

Real Time Weather in Buxton from AWS
Current Conditions Hatteras Mitchell Field
NWS' Graphical Weather Forecast for Cape Hatteras
NWS' Cape Hatteras Graphical Coastal Waters Hazard Forecast
NWS' OBX Beach Forecast/H20 Temps/Tides.

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Rod Rodgers (amongst the Guidos at GP2K)

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