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GuidoPalooza:  What It Is

Its good and bad, fun and serious, frustrating, satisfying, hilarious, sad, ugly, pretty, petty, dumb, boring and exciting; good food, bad weather,  bad surf, worse surf, great surf, magic; tiring, rejuvenating, exhausting, intoxicating, social, anti-social,  lazy, funny, interesting, curious and heartwarming - then heartburning.

People have traveled from California, Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, Mass., South Carolina, Maryland, Jersey and more. They have shown up with great expectations and had them dashed or exceeded or had their expectations changed. They show up looking for surf and  find much more and much less. People have returned over several years or not come back again.  People praise it, diss it, complain about it and criticize it.  Some look forward to it every year, some have never attended and claim they know what it's all about. Let them think that, nothing written or posted would change the know-it-alls minds anyway. It never does.

I've attended 4 of the 5. Each has been quite different, some better and some worse than others. What it comes down to for me is the potential to surf, meet some very interesting people who happen to surf, and above all have fun in a place I remember as being nearly the finest surf area on the East Coast.  As anyone who follows the weather will testify, there are things we have no control over. The things we do sometimes don't work out the way we thought but in some instances they work out better.

I put the GP in play this week because I've been down at my place at the shore with nearly perfect weather, wind and tide conditions. As is usual in the summer the Atlantic hasn't sent us a crumb yet. During the slack time I've had a chance to revisit all the GP related materials and thought I would share a few pics with you from last years unusual event.  Thanks to those for joining the dialog about an event that will be held once more this year. It was fun reliving some of the experience. I'm sure this years GP will be quite different yet again. If anyone would like to join us let us know.


Date: 9 Jul 2004 21:43:29 -0700
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Subject: GP2004 -What it is.

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