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IAU Tiger Tracks
For and By IAU Campus School Alumni of the '60s & '70s

This is a site for people that participated in the IAU Campus School ("la escuelita") experience during the late-60s and early-70s.  The school was located at a couple of different sites during these years on the campus of InterAmerican University, San German, Puerto Rico. The sites included the "Milk Farm," the "Chicken Coops," and the modern northern campus building.

A mailing list for the "escuelita" community has been established at Yahoo! Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iautigers/). Feel free to register or send a request to Rod Rodgers (see email at the bottom). You will need to register with Yahoo! Groups to access all of that site's features, such as uploading photos, participating in polls, and posting messages.  Another source of "escuelita" information is at Classmates.com, the place where many of us made our first contacts in over 30 years (thanks to Ruth Lee Oran for making the first entry).

Per Bo Hansen visited the USA during late-May and early-June 2004. Per, wife Kate and son Martin drove down from NYC to Washington, DC for a day visit on 6/1/04, picked Rod Rodgers up from work and visited with Rod and family in Baltimore. See our pics here. They visited Betty Dietsch in Florida the following week.

Reunions: Multi-class gatherings started in December 2003, some three decades after we shared the "la escuelita" experience. Visit our reunions page.

Next Reunion News: Due to several cascading events the January 2009 reunion has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, January 9, 2010, 1pm at Casa de Doris Acevedo, in Encantada, Trujillo Alto (suburb of San Juan).

We lost some Tigers!  Please contact alumni and refer them to the IAU Yahoo! Groups site.  Some of our members have changed email -- their messages are bouncing at Yahoo!:  Iris Justiniano, Jerry Holloway, Doris J. Acevedo, Marlyn Souffront, Ruben Justiniano, and Sharlene Watts -- please have them update their Yahoo accounts. 

Doris Acevedo, Marlyn Souffront and I recently planned a multi-class (~'67-'74) reunion on December 27, 2003, at Villa Cofresi. See the picture page.

Rod Rodgers, Leon Lowman and Ruben Justiniano
at Seaside, Oregon - November 2003
Rod Rodgers reunited with Leon Lowman and Ruben Justiniano in early November 2003 for a weekend down by the sea where they shared memories, surfed and knocked back a few (which led to an animated discussion of all the escuelita "mamacitas" we wish we had known better). More of Rod's story can be read here.

There is a new Interamerican University Escuela but not much about it is known. Contact information:

Escuela San Germán
P.O.Box 5100
San Germán, PR 00683

E-mail: eira@sg.inter.edu or eirac@yahoo.com
Teléfonos: 1(787) 264-1912, Exts. 7249, 7316 or 1(787) 264-0408
Fax: 1(787) 892-8140

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