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SteveM's Swell Forecast for GuidoPalooza 2007

SteveM provides annual wave and swell forecasts for the GuidoPalooza.  Usually,
GPers are squirming restlessly awaiting the year's forecast... This year "The Mind"
has been slow on the uptake in delivering the pre-season forecast. Dr. Gray
' s
annual hurricane prognostication
has beat the mighty Steve to the punch this year.

On April 17, I was required to intercede when posting, "It's really getting kind of
late in the year to not have a really good forecast for the year's GuidoPalooza.
Has The Mind taken a vacation? The size has been there the past couple of years
but could you cut back a touch on the strong offshores? I expect something from
you, The Mind, within the next 48 hours. Make that something GOOD! (You're not
above taking a bribe anymore are ya?)

Two days later, Steve "The Mind" replies, "I don't give in to demands!  I'm always
willing to accept an *attempted* bribe, but will never be influenced by it.  (I hope I
haven't lost my chance at some good attempts by letting you know that, or by being
too late!)

As of April 22, 2007 - The Mind's GP '07 Wave Forecast . Still waiting...

April 24, 2007
It looks like we are going to have a very active hurricane season this year. Chances for good surf are excellent.

-George of the Jungle 


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