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DelMarVa - May 13-15, 2005
"ASC Weekend 2005 and WSD DMV 2005"
Don't forget a weekend of surfing and stoke - May 13th-15th - worldwide
surfers will unite to celebrate waveriding in the DMV. This year's event
is on the 1st Saturday following the second Sunday of the fifth month of
the newest year. Take your stick of choice to the nearest body of water
and rejoice!!!
Friday, May 13, 2005 - Travel Day

Cruise to the Pirate's Cove near Annapolis to pick up our one-eyed jester.

Saturday, May 14, 2005
Gordon's Pond, DE
Sunny, 70sF, light winds
Knee to chest, water in low- to mid-50s
See below

Nice southerlies. There were some semi-wind protected spots on Sat if you knew where to look. Very glassy offshores on Sunday, extremely clean.

Many, many thanks to host and hostess, Chet and Barbara, and an extra special mahalo to Barbara for bearing up so well with a houseful of ASC misfits. It was a pleasure to reunite with ASC people, new and old, ones I frequently see and others that I rarely see. Sorry to miss so many from the early years that were unable to make it for one reason or another: Foon, KC "Dumpy" Filer, Robb "Muffin" Smith, "7/11" Smith, "Babaji" Walsh, Midnight Monkey Mantay, the many Mikes, "Tuna Hoge," Scott Woodling, TimC, ChrisD, and many more (no slights, just old age). I tooled one of our infirmed members down to the beach, (Tinky) Winky
Carver -- always a pleasure. Others were absent or present: Foon recovering from hip replacement surgery (absent), Snake suffering
through a foot/ankle injury (present) from an unsuccessful board dismount that morning, and one other (but once again my memory is fading).

Everyone wetted themselves in the surf yesterday, including new members Cory, Tim and Laura. I also met Mike from Newark for the first time. I avoided getting speared by longhoof Moos. Snake practically sat on my lap on the porch for nearly an hour (yo leavin' incorrect impressions in Rehoboth old man!). Chet and I paipo-fished the little swells of yesterday. Brian Stringer and Giles showed fine surfing form this morning on the 6"-38" slappers. Laura showed us that she can stand on a surfboard and is ready to full throttle forward. Tim Guy from the Great Lakes is already in full throttle and I anticipate he has some fun DMV days ahead of him (Hatteras GP in Sept, kid!). Jeff wouldn't stop, anytime, anything. He needs a good spanking! He, Chet and I also enjoyed good smokes downstairs. Tim and Cory can surf! Enjoyed meeting Giles' wife (Barbara) - impressed she has a winning ticket from this year's
Derby ;) Sorry Pat Gentry didn't make back to the Casa de Love - we all had fun on Saturday at the beach. John Walker is going strong in his recovery and seemed to enjoy a weekend of wave action, relaxation and his 2 beers a day. Jersey Mike's board is different - thought I was on drugs gazing over to half of it from my seat on the beach with the deep and long concave and hatchet skeg without the hatcheted part. Somebody called it a Cooperfish, but it didn't look like a fish to me!

Again, many thanks to Chet and Barbara for sharing their love shack.

P1010029.JPG A number of Annapolis Surf Club members started  the morning helping the the Ocean City Chapter of Surfrider to plant another Aloha Garden in North Ocean City. P1010035.JPG

We then went searching for decent surf. Winds were blowing hard from the S/SW down in OC and towards Assateague. We'd just met up with Pat Gentry at 12th St when the call came in that it was now relatively clean up in Delaware.  P1010042.JPG

Pictured to the right is the one-eyed pirate, Neal Carver, catching some nice slides to the right. Looks like Paul "Cowboy" Moos walking his board out.
Jeff Marlow riding the lumber.

Mike Borrocco on the porch at the Casa de Love. Mike is from Newark, DE.
Mike, new Great Lakes transplant, Tim Guy, and the Cowboy swap lies.

Left: Tim Guy commands the
table with stories of the Great Lakes.
Also pictured are new member,
 Laura, and John "Papachet" Walker.

Right: Wine toasting and race
 track talking are
Barbara & Chet and
 Giles & Barbara.


Sunday, May 15 2005
Doughville Beach, DE
Sunny and light offshores
Smaller but very clean
Sunday awoke with the sun shining brightly. Bikinis and banana suits strutting along Poodle Beach.

Here is what a Club member had to say:

"I admit to laughing several times on the way home last night thinking about 3, ~50 something's sitting on the jetty, holding their own court on the group surfing yesterday morning. That would be Rod, Chet and myself. It brought back memories of some 25
years ago doing the same stupid stuff as a teenager on the beaches of New Jersey: hooting for the good rides and booing the wipe outs. In the movie 'Field of Dreams', one of the great lines was how baseball connects people, families and generations with fond
memories of times past. So it is with surfing times such as this past weekend."

WSD DMV was actually an entire weekend :)

'Twas small, but great fun. Sorry the rest of ya missed it this past weekend, Fri-Sun! Water has warmed up to mid-50s, maybe, and the air was streming sunshine in the 70s. Interesting scenery and action along the
Rehoboth shores. Met someone who *actually* has met the Gleshna. Grilled fish, chicken and roast pork was excellent and the beer was chilled.

It was a weekend hard not to enjoy.

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