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The Surfing Year 2004 Retrospective
"My 3 Best Surfs of 2004"
My local breaks in the DelMarVa were lacking this year: the Winter and Tropical Storm seasons sucked! The majority of my good, fun surf was found elsewhere through a combination of several work and holiday trips: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Northern Oregon (several times) and the Outer
Banks. Picking out the "best three surfs" can be a challenging proposition -- sometimes I can pinpoint discrete sessions, other times it's an entire trip. This year was no different.

1) December 29th - Slaughter House Point, Puerto Rico. Pounding lips in the 6-8' range.

2) March 20th - A renown Northern Oregon point break in the 8'+ range... well, the 2nd one actually, but the pictures were of the first one.

3) September 15/16th - Wed/Thu of GuidoPalooza brought in my best East Coast swell of the year. Wed late morning and late evening sessions were 4-6' at the new S-Turns; Thur morning session was at the Lion's Den, classic 3-4' Cape Hatteras glassy barrels.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Mid-November Trip to N. Oregon. We rented a house in Manzanita for one week, PaipoPaloozing it and surfing with area paipo boarders and an old school/surfing buddy of mine from early PR. Large northern 15-20' swell visited us during the weekend -- we rode smaller stuff in the 5-7' range inside a protected headland.
  • Navidad in Puerto Rico Trip. Several great days of surfing Maria's and other area breaks (in addition to Bridges and a mini-session at Gas Chambers). The wind and crowds kept this trip out of the Top Three.
Worse Day of Surfing - March 11th - 8th St., OC/Md. Rejected three times in pounding 6-8' sandbar surf, always at the 3rd sandbar. Sub-40s water flushing is what did me in. I have since upgraded to a 6/4 that served me well during the numerous N. Oregon trips later in 2004.

Isn't it a certain portion of luck to always have a tough call on noting my Three Best Surfs of the Year (usually expanded to the Top 5)? This is the case once again. Yes, lucky is me to have had the good fortune to travel beyond the DelMarVa for some fun and varied waveriding, but nonetheless, some of my memorable sessions/best surf was local coastal this past year.

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