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Northern Oregon Coast - March 2004
IAU Escuelita Schoolmates Unite Again!

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A Second Look at Surfing N. Oregon

Whispers from some of the alt.surfing Oregon/Washington folks: 

Tim Maddux:  "I might not answer if I'm working out on the lab floor."  Ha!  When are you going to taste some of the local swell???

Corbeau:  Hey Rod. Looks like I'll miss you after all. It's scheduled to dump at Crystal Mountain tomorrow so I'm taking Friday off to hunt up some late season powder with the *** ****.

Swell forecast is pretty decent size. Biggish tomorrow, probably better than 2XOH tapering through the weekend.  Water temp is in the upper 40's, might break 50 on a SW swell. We never seem to get much colder than mid 40's except when there's a sharp NW coming down from the GOA. Even then we probably don't get below 40deg. Here's a link to the NOAA info: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/Portland/marine.html

You should keep an eye out for PNWK, aka ****.  I'm pretty sure he'll be headed to the P**** this weekend.  He goes down there pretty regularly. Early mid 40's average size guy, probably on a solid white board - very unique description huh?. I told him you ride a paipo so you'll prolly stick out more than him. I've never seen a paipo boarder here, only a couple body boarders total to tell you the truth.

Good luck, hope you score and don't get ravaged by the locals.  Just joking but they really do get a little nasty down there or at least more than here which is pretty much no localism at all.  Let me know when you come back through.  If there's a NW, I'll show you the mythical rivermouth or The Dump."

PNK:  unfortunately the predicted ne winds kept me from me beloved point that weekend i was looking forward to garnering some points figured it would a piece of cake being i'd never seen a paipo boarder down there

on the otherhand the tokeland jetty has been off the hook the last few weekends 3  2 a days was enough to shake the winter rust off

and for your information i do have decals on my board  top and bottom

Friday, March 19th. Hit the road south from Seattle early evening after the traffic had subsided making good time. Leon and I caught up with our Escuelita happenings since last November, including all the scoop on our mujeres bellacitas from the December reunion, over a few cold beers and tunes. Hit the sack ready for an early morning start.

Saturday, March 20th. Drove over to S**side early Saturday morning to catch some waves.  We started at a place called 2nd P**nt -- it should be called Boulders Death Row as the heaving 6' shore break made it near impossible to paddle out alive. I have some nice black and blues on assorted parts of my body but my melon is safe. Gath helmets?  Don't leave home without one when you venture to this spot.  Later in the morning I shot some pics of The P**nt... waves ranged from 8' and upwards.  Only for the skilled and could the skilled ever ride this wicked monsters.  I'll let the 50 some shots I fired off in 15 minutes tell rest of the story.

In the afternoon we ventured south for some more very easy paddle outs in the 4-6' waves at Short Sands, for some more lefts.  My first two waves there were unremarkable but my second could have been *soooo* good except for the fact my new center fin had a bit too much length and rake.  Why the hell didn't I take my back up on this trip???  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that boulder city placed healthy re-dings on the nose and tail of the board and smashed one inch of my center fin leaving it flapping like loose skin!  Back to point... after adjusted the new fin completely forward I snagged many more waves and rode them the way a paipo boards wants :)


(Click on pics for larger version.)
My buddy Leon Lowman




Sunday, March 21st  We slept in until the late hour of 7am allowing for the morning frost to thaw. The swell had dropped quite a bit -- The Cove at S**s*de had a good pack of longboarders on it to catch the rolling 2-4' but nothing to our fancy, so we returned to Short Sands after checking a few more places.  Another nice session, but smaller than yesterday.  Good old surfer friend to share the weekend end, a couple of Foonie Special Mommies on the Beach shots and good vibe taking in the PNW surf scene.  All the chicks and surfers bring dogs to the beach the way we take wax. And cute, too (the chicks!).  The boys in the group will be sorry I didn't snag a good pic of Kelsi, a coed from the U of O(hhh).

Great fish and chips, bacon & eggs, local brews and older growth forest.

Water was in the mid to upper 40s, the air ranged from sunny 50s to 60s, and the face caught lot's of rays yesterday.  Next destination:  North Shore on Wed -- warm water, warm air, cold mai-tai's!



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Two Kneeboarding Sequences
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P3200054.JPG P3200055.JPG P3200056.JPG

P3200022.JPG P3200031.JPG P3200035.JPG

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P3200045.JPG P3200046.JPG P3200047.JPG
P3200048.JPG P3200049.JPG P3200050.JPG
P3200057.JPG P3200058.JPG P3200059.JPG
P3200060.JPG P3200061.JPG P3200062.JPG
P3200063.JPG P3200064.JPG P3200074.JPG

Further South Down the Coast
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P3200084.JPG P3210091.JPG P3210093.JPG
P3210096.JPG P3210094.JPG P3210095.JPG
P3210102.JPG P3210103.JPG P3210104.JPG
P3210111.JPG P3210112.JPG P3210113.JPG
P3210114.JPG P3210115.JPG P3210119.JPG

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