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The Surfing Year 2003 Retrospective
"Dream Year!"
Not a bad year.  How can it really be called anything but a dream year with my surf travels on a basic 8-week cycle???  Not mentioned are the half-dozen short trips to San Diego between June and December.

I'd estimate my surf session count at around 50+ (days), ranging from my local haunts of Delaware/Maryland to New Jersey in the north, North Carolina to the south (no Chincoteague or VaBeach this year), San Diego County to the southwest, deep Baja even further southwest, Oregon to the northwest, Puerto Rico (twice) and Costa Rica.  I was in Texas but the surf was not.

My biggest waves this year were a notch or two down from last year but still scored many sessions in the 6-8' zone:  Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Delaware (12/11) and North Carolina (Isabel).

No idea what's in store for the upcoming year expect the usual mid-Sept trip to the Outer Banks and a winter vacation trip to PR. Maybe NW France will be back in play after postponing this past October's trip.  A couple of days in Hawaii for work may also be in play for late March.  I really like last year's roughly 8-wk cycle:

  • PR late December 2002
  • PR in February
  • Costa Rica in April
  • Deep Baja Mexico in early July
  • North Carolina's Outer Banks/Hurricane Isabel in Sept
  • Northern Oregon in early November
  • NJs 12/11 swell
  • PR in late December 2003
    I ended 2003 where it began at the end of the year before.

  • 2004 Resolution:  shed a few pounds that have creeped back on and resume the regular gym routine (reduce the late nights at work!).

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