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The Surfing Year 1998 Retrospective
"My 3 Best Surfs of 1998"
1. VaBeach, early August. These wind-slop generated waves wouldn't normally qualify as "waves" but our sessions at the Rudee Inlet represented our first series of sessions with wave faces that were more than chest-high. The highlight was when the winds turned on-shore from side-shore so the "big chop" could be ridden in only one direction. The low-light was a horrible attack by the "sea lice" creatures, a first and hopefully last experience.

2. Ocean City, MD, from Bonnie thru Dannielle. My son and I were able to wave ride for 5 days out of 20, a great feat for us Baltimore-based folks. Several trips and overnighters paid off royally. We never encountered any overhead surf during this period but the waves were mostly in the clean 3-5 feet range. Our highlight was arriving on a Sunday afternoon just 1-1/2 hours after the swell hit and surfing until dark and the next morning from dawn until 11am -- and then it was back to Baltimore for HS football practice -- my son was dragging to say the least but he had a
great workout.

3. NW Puerto Rico, 12/21-31. This trip found us in waves ranging from 3-4' to 6-8' (faces) and larger, during our visit. Everyday there were head-high waves to be found somewhere, not always perfect conditions but the water was warm and there was generally lots of good stoke at the spots we surfed. Whenever you can pull yourself into a tube its been a good session and everyday turned out to have a good session. We surfed a break I had never surfed before, on our last day, next to Golodrina. A bodyboarder drove up and said "it looks great, let's go out." The three of us paddled out and had the waves all to ourselves. The waves were running overhead and pummelling, my son was taking off deeper than I'd ever seen him do, lining up on the inside of his old man... it was exhilarating. We had a great last-day session.

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