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Team GP2K6
Awarded ASKOTY 2006!

The story will be posted here. Or maybe not.

Threads of Interest:

Hey SteveM,

I was getting ready to update the AS Points page, in particular the
Preciousssss Page, but then stumbled, tripped and fell when I could not
locate your Precioussss report... after all, you had The Precioussss
for over 6 weeks and live at the beach... certainly you had at least
ONE opportunity to ride The Preciousssss.

P.S. This request seemed to be most appropriate to this thread because
there is NOTHING ASkookier than having The Precious at the beach for 6+
week, partitioned away in one's master bedroom (is this kooky or kinky?
A new ASKITY award?).

And, my most humble apologies for not having posted text, images and
video of last year's GuidoPalooza and the many riders of The Precious
to AS. What an oversight! I must also correct one of many of Surfer
Bobby's incorrect statement regarding The Preciousssss. I have been on
The Precioussss. I have stood up on The Precioussss. And I might even
do so again in yet another locale! P.S. Please: SteveM: post the pics
of you on The Preciousss, not one of the pics in your MIND of having
been on The Precioussss!


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