DelMarVa - June 28, 2002
"A Fin-ish Day"
Friday, June 28, 2002 - morning
Chincoteague, Virginia, East Coast USA
Sunny to partly cloudy, showers around noon, air 80s, water warm enough to trunk
2-4', S/SE 7 sec, winds SW to W later, varied from calm to 15 mph
High ---> Low
Alex Rodgers, Kirk Mantay, Mike Law and Rod Rodgers.

(Sorry, no picks
this report)


The Rod Rodgers Report
Weekday Mantay stopped by the house at 4:30am this early weekday morning, loaded his gear in and onto our car and we shoved off to meet up with Mike Law at the ASC Parole spot.  My son Alex joined us on this trip to the beach.  Destination for initial surf check:  OC Inlet with the thought of rowing the "other ASC boat" over to the Wedge if conditions looked good.  The Inlet was breaking, crowded and not overwhelming.  We checked out 8th St
which was much smaller and looking to the north it appeared to be nil on this strong S/SE swell.

Because we only had two paddles for my 6-man raft (more like 4 man max) the gang decided to ditch the Wedge trip (it did look to be hitting the jetty well but it's been said that dredging over there had changed things so I didn't push too hard for the paddle over).  We chatted for about 10 minutes... Neal's complex and extensive decision matrix eventually provided the solution, but some frozen margaritas on the spot may have helped -- would it be
Assateague or Chincoteague?  As Assateague only faces one general angle and is generally not great at high tide we opted for Chinco which provides two angles (the main coastal SE and S at Tom's Cove) and winds would be turning from S to SW to W to NW.

Not a bad call.  Light northerly currents drifted us slowly but it was not a struggle.  We went straight out  at the central parking lot area.  Besides catching several glimpses at sharks, Alex and I didn't catch much as the waves backed off on the sandbar and only had a general slope.  Kirk on his longboard and Mike on his funboard fared much better -- Mike was catching and ripping the most all day but Kirk was not far behind.  That "local" Kirk almost ran into me one time trying to go left as I attempted a right.  I can't get respect from the "locals" anywheres anymore, not even those sharks that kept stalking me.

As it was generally weak for all of us we decided to quash a few refreshments and check out points south towards Tom's Cove.  We drove down to the far end of the parking areas, grabbed our boards and started walking, found some nice peaks and paddle out.  We all caught some nice lip crashing barrels in a much better surf zone.  No sooner than having caught my second double o/h tube and my friend in a gray jacket showed up.  The critter
was shoulder hopping on my third wave -- I paddled in and watched from the beach for about 10 minutes before paddling back out.  Caught several more good waves as Mike continued to rip and own Chinco on this day.  Alex and Kirk also showed some style and stoke.

A good session but I am yearning for some bigger surf, blue skies, emerald clear waters.  We also talked about next year's Costa Rica trip to pass the time in the line-up.  Good to be back in the water after nearly a month's absence (my wife and I spent two weeks in Alaska celebrating our 25th anniversary).  We grabbed some good post-session eats in Chincoteague.

- rodNDtube

The Mike Law Report

Great trip Friday. Nice to finally meet Kirk and Alex and good to see Rod again. Enjoyed to camaraderie and the waves. Definitely not ideal conditions but fun was had by all. Alex, Rod and Kirk all got some great waves. I kinda felt like a highschool kid ditchin' school for surf. Not too much to add to Rod's report (he writes surf reports like a surfer mag article).

We are in dire need to an ALL CLUB surf trip to the shore. I should be there for the July 13th contest but I won't attempt to embarrass ASC with my longboarding :)


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