DelMarVa - May 19, 2002
"Day to be a Kook"
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Sunday, May 19, 2002 - 6:30-9:30 a.m.
Naval Jetties, Delaware, East Coast USA
Party Sunny, air: 50F, water: 57F
Choppy, small, crappy with side/onshore winds from the N/NE
Waves knee to waist; Low tide.

...I was a real *youngster* yesterday... Preakness parties until a late night (1a.m.) sack time before an early morning blasting from the radio alarm clock at 3 a.m. It was time for an early dawn patrol.  Blasted the coffee pot up for the thermos, made a large expresso charged with hot milk and molasses, and toasted up a bagel crisp.

Our three-man crew loaded the boards at our Parole meeting spot shortly after 4:00 a.m.  We made our usual midway quick stop at The Snake's Pit, before resuming our road trip to the coast.

[Pics: Neal hoisting board and Muffin securing the rear at Parole; Electric Ham and Muffin -- Snake Pit Posers; Jaco Taco and Muffin - another Poser joins the pic parade.]

Early light pictures of the boys unloading today's surf vehicle and suiting up.  Electric Ham is trying to make some kind of statement.  The gates to the Naval Jetties lot don't open until sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. It would be great to arrange for annual pass and club members to obtain a key like is done at some of the Florida beach parks. The hike down to the Jetties begins.

P5190015.JPG ...P5190021.JPG ... P5190023.JPG
The beach trail, board waxing time, and the view from the jetty.

View to the north point.
Same view north zoomed in to show the lighthouse.
Remnants of the old naval base days.
Zoomed in pic of an old bunker.
We were in the DelMarVa water shortly after 6am. Three hours of water time. The water was nicer (57F) than the air today (upper-40s w/wind).

I was a *real kook* today. The waves were very small and crappy, but you could score some fun rides.  Rode the very short board for an hour (the paipo)... then paddled out a long board and caught a few. After about an hour of playing around with the log and after the waves had marginally improved it was time for the paipo to made its way back out again. It reminded me so intimately why I ride the paipo.... taking off in the curl, touching the wave, sliding so lightly... gliding on the paipo felt like bodysurfing after going statue.

Robb joined us for a hooting good trip... even if the surf sucked. First time in the water for him since November... time to starting toning those surfing muscles for the summer tropical season. Both he and Neal did very well considering the conditions. Neal scored a quasimoto folding over curl ride and Robb showed lots of rail on some of his goofy foot bottom turns. The Jetties yielded some long rides for such mediocre waves - nice spot. Suspect some of the beaches to the south would have been better but we were short on time this trip. A picture report will follow in a day or so.

P5190028.JPG ... P5190033.JPG ... P5190038.JPG ... P5190039.JPG

Pictured (L-R) are (1) Neal and Robb toting longboards, (2) Neal going right in his prehistoric stance, (3) Neal going right in his Neanderthal stance, and (4) Robb digging a hard rail left in a attempt for a cover-up.

Scenic dune view to the north.  The Naval Jetties provides a much nicer setting than the Ocean City strip.

Muffin charging out with his short board.

View south to Rehobeth Beach w/Naval Jetty in foreground.

View south from ato the jetty - Gordon's Pond.


Other ASC Reports from the Week End:
Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's Weekend Report

Headed with wife to the Indian River Inlet for a contest Sat morning, only to have it canceled at the last minute due to "deteriorated" conditions. North wind trashed the smaller swell making conditions almost horrible. With the possibility of turning around and going home on the table, Kim decided we take my normal advise to others and drive south until the wind blew side or off-shore rather then just onshore. After about 50 miles we reached Chincoteague Island, a nature park with nice rolling beach break waves and a beach angle that making strong NE winds more side to slightly off-shore. 

Stopped at BASS Surf Shop before driving out to the island and ran into old friend Gatey Dawkins, who along with Hunter Merrit, is one of the areas top open surfers in the Mid-Atlantic region. The locals have all been surfing the North Parking lot lately as the sandbars are working well and the Hook needs a certain swell for the walk to be worthwhile. Gatey and I decided to get in a later session around 2:30 pm when we expected the wind to drop some. 

On arriving, the waves were waist to chest with the wind almost blowing out the rights but causing the lefts to hold and provide some hollow tubes. A 2 1/2 to 3 hour session with myself, Gatey, and finally one other surfer should give you an idea of what the waves were like. My wife was able to snap some good pictures, plus we did the tourist rounds with all the wildlife in the area and the shops in town as well. 

We stayed the evening and got up the next morning to sun and only slight wind. Wind came up early but not after at least an hour + of good surfing. All in all a fun trip with fun waves.

Neal "Electric Ham" Carver's Weekend Commentary

Glad to hear you scored a some waves. Robb, Rod, and I were thinking about ya as we made our way to and from the naval jetties. We figured you scored much better waves than us considering your long weekend and a Saturday swell
peaking. None of us thought you would have been way down south. Sounds like you and Kim had a fun, relaxing weekend. I used to surf Chinco when I was just learning. Its a neat place and the hike to the washed out dune kept crowds low in the summer. But it wasn't fun when you looked back to see a horde of wild ponies going through your bag, pick'n out the good eats.

til we surf again


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