DelMarVa - Nov 25, 2001
"In Search of Olga"
Sunday, November 25, 2001 - day trip
Naval Jetties, Delaware, East Coast USA
Bright and sunny with the air in the mid-60s and water in the low- to mid-50s
1-3 feet
SE winds 10 kts
at near low tide
Neal Carver and myself

Early dawn as Neal Carver and I Patrol'd down to the DelMar hoping for some early Olga.  Not much was showing, yet.  Checked out Indian River Inlet first but it was smaller than expected so we proceeded down the coast checking several spots all the way to the OC Inlet.  Not much showing anywhere along this strip and the wind was on it more the further south we headed.  The Wedge may of had something little but it was too cold for an iffy paddle over.  We headed back to IRI and checked the southside.  Nothing showing - shot the bull with an ol' IRI-South pit driver and moved on to the northside.

Neal and I looked and looked at the little, smooth peaks rolling in. Not too much wind on it with the jetty providing some protection.  Kept shaking my head... really was looking for 2-4' and not just 1-3' but the conditions were clean and only one guy was out.  Almost low tide time -- maybe the incoming tide would help.  I challenged Neal with the ultimate test question, "What would Edmund do if he were here?"  Neal was quick to respond, "Suit up and go out."  Let's get going then!

We surfed for close to two hours in smallish waves - as the tide moved in more folks showed up - 15 total were sharing the three peaks by the time we left.  The best part of the day was the post-session hot water wash down.  We were still restless so decided to explore a new spot for future reference, the Naval Jetties.  We worked our way up into Henlopen State Park, toured around the area for about 15 minutes and finally scaled an old wartime watchtower (my legs are feeling it today) and identified a route to scope out from the cliffs.  Neal and I shared some minor excitement during out trip down the tower... light rushes of adrenaline as others were mounting the attack.

Now we're ready for tomorrow's "swell of epic proportions" (as called it).  The potential is there for Olga to shape up to be a damn good swell of o/h waves and light winds -- the first in months.  DP for Neal and I -- rest of the Annapolis Surf Club crew appears to be out of action due to illness or urgent occupational demands.  More waves for us!

Rod Rodgers

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