GuidoPalooza House Rules:  A Code of Behavior
by The Maryland ASers Host Coordinating Committee

Many who were at GuidoPalooza in September 2000 and October 2001 will remember that "House Rules" were prominently
displayed in the kitchen on the closet door. I dug them up and many would also apply to this years meeting.  I have added a
couple. -- Foon

1. Be considerate of others and their things. YOU ARE NOT THE MOST

2. Share what you have and mark everything you would like to have
just for yourself.

3. Next to Food and Water, SLEEP IS MOST ESSENTIAL. Respect
everyone's right to get some rest. No noise after Midnight.

4. Showers: Keep 'em short, we have a lot of people to get clean and
there's only so much hot water in those heaters.

5. We DO NOT have to do everything together. Do your own thing, and
let others do likewise.

6. Everyone is here to have a good time. Leave your news group gripes
and extra baggage at the door. Be sure your behavior doesn't ruin
someone's visit.

7. Farting: There will be no farting indoors (M@rk).

8. Garbage: Clean up after yourself, bag it and throw it away.

9. Morning: Not everyone is a morning person - beware.

10. Dawn Patrol: Sunrise is around 7:00 am. Not everyone likes dawn
patrols, let each person decide if they want to go.

11. Drugs: Take your prescription drugs if you need them - all
others, use common sense - this is Dare County North Carolina.

12. Snaking: Let's try not to stuff our brothers. (Especially brother

13. Drinking: You know your limit, try to observe it.

14. Cars: Don't use someone else's without their OK.

15. Bathrooms: Though we have 4. Use 'em and get out, others might be

16. Food: Ask before you eat it, unless it's community property.

17. Ladies: We have some women guests, show some respect for their
privacy and sensitivities - No naked guys in the hot tub.

18. Wet Stuff: We have a dryer for towels and clothes, we can hang
wetsuits in the carport. Don't hang stuff all over the deck rails
making the GUIDOPALOOZA house look like a Bedouin camp.

19. Smoking: The GUIDOPALOOZA House is a smoke free rental, if you must
light up it will have to be outside.

20. Not pets allowed at the GUIDOPALOOZA house.

21. Take pictures of everything, AS is depending on you.

22. HAVE A GOOD TIME, You're on vacation with friends!!  It WILL be
quiet and peaceful at all times in the GUIDOPALOOZA house.

To Be Posted to the GP listserv
Subject: [GP2K1] Rules Redux
Date:      Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:01:23 -0000

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